шаблон технического задания для копирайтеров (eng) #1530

#1 by nynax
Как известно (да собственно и испытано на собственной шкуре), грамотно составленное техническое задание - залог качественного текста.
Привожу пример своего технического задания по написанию SEO текстов для англоязычных фрилансеров. Моё задание адаптировано под программу TextKit (заголовки и meta описания) так что, под ваши потребности возможно придется немного подредактировать.

Some easy articles for website

Need 20 SEO articles for website.

Each article, must have 3-4 keyword phrase, without change words. 
You must mark all keyword phrase in text bold type. 

The first and only sentence in first paragraph must use template "[keyword phrase]? About it and not just, in this article. Read now?"
Example for keyword phrase "how to marble faux finish": How to marble faux finish? About it and not just, in this article. Read now?
The first sentence in second paragraph of the article should contain the keyword phrase!

Each article, must have 500-700 words.
Each article, must contain only reliable information!
Each article, must be unique! (checking plagiarism)
Articles, should not contain urls to any websites!

All articles must be in one file. File must have format .doc!
Each article, must have header. Header must contain keyword phrase and starting with him. 
Each header must be in format type "Header 2" in .doc file!

All articles must be without grammatical, logical and other linguistical errors!

Budget 40$ for 20 articles.
Deadline 72 hours.

Keyword phrases for articles sent to you on request in a private message.

A sample list of keywords:
"great web design examples"
"freelance graphic designer websites"
"junior graphic design jobs"
"junior designer salary"
"graphic design terminology"
This is just an example.

In article you can answers what, why, how, where etc...
What would you consider your candidacy, write me a private message with the following text "I love to live." This is a test that you read carefully the job.

In future i need more articles. If you do a good job, we can continue the cooperation.

Contact me now for work starting.

Attention! Please observe all rules in the Project! This is a very important condition! If you have any questions, ask them before to start the project. Thank you and good luck!
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#2 by Grut
2 бакса за одну статью в 500-700 слов - это ты для каких целей заказываешь такой шлак?
#3 by nynax
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2 бакса за одну статью в 500-700 слов - это ты для каких целей заказываешь такой шлак?
Это как пример. А вообще, заказываю у одного перепроверенного индуса.
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