Free Backlink Checker — бесплатная софтина для проверки обратных ссылок! #1673

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всем привет — здесь можно получить програмку которая собирает беклинки с MOZ, ahrefs, webmeup, seokicks, blekkko, majesticSEO

работа с некоторыми базами требует наличия логин/пароля в соответствующей системе.

Тем не менее, работает и без них (выдача будет меньше)

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Who are you and why are you giving away this software?

We are the developers of the backlink analysis software Backlink Miner ( and want to give people a taste of what can be found in our full featured software without any up front cost or commitment.

Free Backlink Checker is a scaled down version of our paid software that offers many useful features and functionality but without the cost.

For a more in-depth bio, check out the bottom of this page.

Sounds good but is this software REALLY free?

Absolutely. All you have to do is download the software by inputting your best email address and clicking on the download button on the homepage.

There is no bundled software, ads, time limited trials, requests for your first born, or anything like that.

Ok, the software is free but do I need to buy anything else to make the software work?


Four of the sources of backlink data the software pulls data from are completely free. For some you will need to signup for a free API key or account but this is at no cost to you as they are free. Details on where to signup can be found under the settings menu in the software.

Two of the backlink data sources that we support ( and, however, do require having an active paid account.

Unfortunately this is beyond our control as these backlink data providers only offer paid access to their data.

That said, the software functions perfectly without them and the vast majority of our users only use the free backlink sources.
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